DUO Leaflet

Trifold leaflet

What is a DUO?

The DUO is a trifold leaflet that presents six photos of a property, the informations from its MLS listing and your contact informations.

A page is set aside for a National Bank MDM. This page shows the MDM’s or the mortgage representative's contact informations and a mortgage calculator with three financing scenarios for your property on sale.

In exchange for a page in your DUO leaflet, the MDM or the mortgage representative allows you to save 20$ on your order.

Why should you make a DUO?

- Maximize the impact of your promotional tools by giving a complete set of mortgage calculation scenarios to your potential clients.

- Make the most of your partnership with a National Bank MDM to show your leadership on the real estate market.

- Save 20$ each time you order a leaflet from the DUO program.

From 1.49 $ /unit
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