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04 May 2021

Direct mail with SuttonMAG, how does it work ?

Are you ready to create your first advertisement campaign with SuttonMAG ? Our objective is to provide you with efficient and ready-to-use direct mail tools that will help you achieve your goals in terms of marketing strategy. Advertisement’s creation, printing & distribution, we take care of everything, from pre-approved designs to delivery with Canada Post.
So in practice, how does it work ? We will guide you here through the process, step by step.
  • Start by clicking on ‘’direct mail’’ in our home page on https://suttonmag.ca/en
  • Choose your postcard among our large choice of types (click on ‘’more infos’’ if needed). Then select a template (you can click on ‘’i’’ to get a preview in a bigger size) as well as the property/ies that you want to emphasize in the scrolling menu that you see on your screen below.
  • Click on ‘’preview’’ and customize very simply your postcard in a few clicks (choice of images, text adaptation) : drag and drop your pictures on the template right inside the frame at the front (your profile’s informations are pre-filled at the back). Click again on ‘’preview’’. If you wish to do some modifications, go back to the previous step by clicking on ‘’modify’’. When you are satisfied, click on ‘’validate preview’’. Also note that it’s possible to import your own design !
  • Find your direct mail’s list on the interactive map : find your postal route by clicking on the button of the same name, and enter the postal codes desired. Tick the boxes of the roads you want to include, as well as the type of property you wish to target. Then click on ‘’validate’’ and then ‘’add to cart’’. Note also that it’s possible to choose only the printing (without direct mail option).
  • Go to your cart and finish the transaction by proceeding to the payment of the unique bill. Click on ‘’confirm order’’. Note that if there are further modifications to do, you can add a note at this point to let us know, before completing the final order.
  • Your postcards will then be sent directly in mailboxes by Canada Post !
If you have any technical problems, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to assist you !

You can also watch this short video for more info and help : TUTORIAL (French only)


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