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03 Jun 2021

Printing MLS listings is good, having brochures is even better !

When you organize real estate showings for your clients who are selling properties, you usually print MLS listings to give to the potential buyers, right ? Indeed, it contains all the main information on the property for sale (square footage, number of rooms, price, etc...) as well as your coordinates, it’s then very convenient for clients who can consult it afterwards if they need. 

The problem is, it doesn’t look very professional... you wish that there was an upgraded version of the MLS printed on paper, something with a personnalized visual which would fit your branding. Don’t look anymore : we have THE solution for you ! The real estate brochure, even better than the MLS listing : we will tell you now why you will fall in love a first sight.

A whole new visual experience for your clients

First of all, the Centris MLS listing is not necessarily optimized for printing so you will be probably disappointed with the visual aspect. As opposed to our Classy brochure, which has been designed specifically to be presented to your clients. With its 8 pages and 13 pictures, you will find the same informations on it (technical specificities, addenda & remarks, inclusions/exclusions, as well as your coordinates), but they are better presented and structured. Reading it will be way more agreeable for your clients. They will then have a completely different experience : you are passing the message that you care for him by making the reading easier for him !

Emphasis your professionnalism

Moreover, with this thorough visual aspect, you will project even more professionnalism, when distributing it to the potential buyers. It then allows you to stand out from the competition ! And for your seller, it’s a little plus that you offer him, by putting his property under the spotlight. Indeed, the printing quality of the brochure is way more interesting that the MLS listing simply printed on standard paper. It will become a part of your marketing proposition ! You can also reuse it afterwards as a sample to show potential home sellers.

Order it & receive it without delay 

The brochure’s delay of production is short : in fact, it will be ready in 48h only ! Choose from our designs (5 options), then simply personnalize it, and voila. Note also that we offer a brochure type designed for luxury properties, The Collection, as well as holders, created specifically in order to display them.

Choose your quantity – and save !

Last but not least, ordering your property brochure is not expensive : we propose an affordable price of 75$ per 30 units, for a format of 8.5 by 5.5 po. (8 pages). Also note that all brochures are available starting with 10-units pack : you can order them in small quantities, or in bigger quantities if you’d like. We adapt and adjust to your needs as much as we can.

Order now ! The Classy property brochure is the perfect substitute for the standard MLS listing. Integrate it to your marketing to guarantee the best real estate experience for your clients !


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